We help you source and aggregate quality grains and other raw materials produced locally and sustainably from the best farmers in Africa to meet your production demand.

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How it Works


Find cohort of producers around your location that grows your raw material

Our platform helps you aggregate raw produce clusters of smallholder farmers within your value chain that are using sustainable practices to grow quality produce with capacity to meet your demand.

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Initiate a production contract with them through our extension agents

When you find clusters of smallholders that fulfils your demand, you then initiate a production contract with these clusters. Our extension agents help mediate the process of fair contract negotiation between you and the farmers.

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Monitor production with clear visibility on input usage, handling and transportation.

Once contracts are negotiated and signed, production commences and you can monitor your clusters of farms directly from your dashboard with reports on input usage, farm activities. expected yield, time to harvest and others.

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Do you have knowledge on sustainable farming and can manage other farmers

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Our Superior Offering To Every Agro-Processing and Food Company

Source Quality Raw Material At The Lowest Prices

Get quality raw material supplies from farms for your production which begins with quality farm inputs that we have sourced from our multin-national industry partners and provide farmers. We facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between you and clusters of farmers that ensure a sustainable supply of quality raw materials..

Integrate Sustainability and Traceability Into Your Supply Chain

Show your customers that you are sourcing raw materials from farms that grow produce with sustainable practices. We have trained our farmers on best sustainable farming practices and have set up quality assurance processes and a traceability system built on distributed ledger technology.

Get Easy and Well Priced Logistics Services For Your

We have partnerships with reputable logistics companies to provide transportation, warehousing and even cold cold chain storage services to move the raw materials from the farm to your warehouse or production site as the case may. And all along, we deploy technology for proper tracking and ensure traceability.

Make Visible Impact For Food Security

Our platform helps you make visible impact on the lives of rural farmers and contribute to the social and economic development of our country as we work together to make our farmers, communities and countries food secure. We also provide you with impact reports of your procurement activities.

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