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How It Works

1. Organise Farmers

2. Use Our App To Manager And Monitor Farms

3. Deliver The Contracts And Get Paid

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the FarmCorps platform work

A: FarmCorps helps groups of smallholder farmers produce quality grains and other raw materials for food companies using sustainable farming practices. We provide market for farmers, the finance needed for input purchase and the farming activities for the contract, data-driven extension through our network of farm agents and traceability for each batch of produce. Register here to get started.

Q: Can Anybody Become A Farm Agent?

A: If you have grown and master how to grow a particular crop e.g maize, well known in your farming community and have leadership skills, then we are happy to work with you. Alongside, you should have a smartphone to collect your cohort data and access the data-driven advisory provided by our app that you will deliver to the farmers. Register here to get started.

Q: How do I go about becoming a Farm Agent?

A: The first step is to register on our platform here , find farmers in your community and value chain that grow the kind of crops that you have extensive knowledge and can advise on and organize them into a cohort. We provide applications for you to organize them and put their data on our platform

Q: What tools do you provide for farm agents to get their work done

A: We have developed easy-to-use mobile applications for you to collect, upload data and monitor the activities of your cohort to help them produce with sustainable practices. When you sign up as a Farm Agent, our representatives get in touch with you for some and then help you access training materials on the use of the tools that we provide. The first step is for you to register here

Q: What is my role as a farm agent

A: Your role is to organize farmers, manage communications among all the production parties (farmers, food companies and FarmCorps), monitor, provide curated advisory and record farmers activities to ensure they deliver on the production contracts.

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