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Finance For Inputs

Our platform helps agri-financiers (individuals, DFIs,
food companies,
government agencies) to finance inputs & operations for farmers.


Data Driven Extension

We provide onsite and mobile data-driven extension services for smallholder farmers to help them grow quality produce that meet off-takers demand.


Access To Markets

We help smallholder farmers sell their produce at very good prices to agro-processing and food companies. Farmers get markets even before they start planting.

How It Works


1. Fund Your Account

Use our payment systems to easily put funds in your account to be used for input purchase for farmers. Our system allows you to calculate how much funds is needed for each purchase that you want to make for farmers.

2. Upload your farmers list

You provide us with the list of your farmers that you want to purchase inputs for. We also have farmers that you can fund. You can upload an Excel sheet containing your farmers’ list or you can register them directly on our platform

3. Send funds as tokens to farmers.

When you are done with your farmers’ list, you can then select the farmers’ whether from your list or ours that you want to purchase specific inputs for and then send them the funds as tokens.

Our Value Proposition

Agro-Processing/Food And Beverage Co.

Quality Raw Materials From Farms

Our goal is to get quality raw material supplies from farms for your production which begins with quality farm inputs that you finance for farmers. We facilitate mutually beneficial relationship between you and clusters of farmers that ensure a sustainable supply of quality raw materials to your factories.

Donors/Government/Social Lenders

Make Visible Impact For Food Security

We provide financial technology and last mile distribution systems that enable you reach smallholder farmers with your interventions as we work together to make our farmers, communities and countries food secure. We also provide you with impact reports of your interventions.

Agro-Input Dealers/Distributors

Reach A Wide Network Of Customers

We provide access to a growing wide network of farmers (buyers) and their associations with opportunities for repeatable sales. We are your partners for reaching smallholder farmers wherever they are. We also provide sales forecast for the season so you can stock your shops ahead

Farmers/Farmers Associations

Get Easy Financing For Your Farm Operations

We provide unparalleled access to formal markets with finance for your farm production even before you start planting. We support farmers all the way from planning the season till your produce is sold after harvest. So, you should recommend us to your outgrower schemes.

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